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Frequently Asked Questions

How editable are LayoutReady templates?

LayoutReady templates are fully editable in Microsoft Word or Publisher as if you created them from scratch. You can add or replace images; change colors; move, scale and crop graphic elements; change the fonts and replace the filler text with your own copy to suit your individual needs.

Download a Free Sample Template to experiment with editing our templates before you buy.

How many templates may I download with a Subscription?

You may download up to 50 unique templates per month. A template may include multiple page layouts, but still only count as one download. Multiple downloads of the same template in different file formats only count as one download. When your subscription expires, you no longer have download access to the templates. You can track your downloads on your My Account page.

Can I use the free templates?

Yes. The sample templates may be used by you free of charge in accordance with LayoutReady’s license, the same as if you had purchased the templates.

Why do the text boxes contain a foreign language?

Text boxes contain “latin” placeholder text to show where your copy should be inserted. We provide suggested copy for headlines, subheads and advertising messaging.

Are fonts included with my template?

LayoutReady templates use standard system fonts, Arial and Times New Roman. You can easily change the fonts used in the template with any special fonts you may have on your system.

Can I use the photos in the layout?

Yes. Photos included with the layout may be used in connection with your LayoutReady template. Or, you can easily replace the supplied photos with pictures of your own.

How do I download and open my template file?

To begin editing your template, you will need to, first, download the file to your computer, then unzip the folder to extract the template files.
Downloading instructions:
  1. Click on My Account at the top of the page.
  2. Locate the template you want to download, click Download.
  3. Select the correct file format / page size, click Download.
  4. In the File Download window, select the Save option.
    Note: Do not select the 'Open' option.
  5. Save the file to the desired location on your computer.
  6. When the download is complete select Close.
  7. Navigate to where you saved the downloaded file.
  8. Right-click the downloaded file and select Extract All...
    Note: If you do not see this option, you do not have the necessary software. You can download decompression utilities from WinZip®.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to extract all files to the desired location on your computer.
  10. Navigate to where you extracted the template folder, open the application file and begin customizing your layout.
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